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Edwards Personality Inventory - EPI Revised Edition

Edwards Personality Inventory - EPI Revised Edition

El EPI Edición Revisada, fue diseñado principalmente para usarse en la investigación y asesoría personalizada. El inventario consta de 440 ítems y proporciona puntuaciones en 18 escalas de personalidad. Por el momento la versión internacional está disponible solo en el idioma inglés. (Consulte las Condidciones y Términos de uso para nuestros servicios On-line)

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    Escalas del EPI R con un ítem de muestra:

    Those who know me well would say that I:
    App (Approval): Am anxious to please others.
    Anx (Anxiety): Become anxious if I believe my performance is to be compared with others. 
    Sen (Sensitive): Am sensitive and easily hurt by others.
    Sym (Sympathy): Will tell my troubles to anyone who is willing to listen. 
    Avd (Avoidance): Try to avoid trouble of any kind.
    Inf (Influenced): Permit others to push me around.
    Cpv (Cooperative): Enjoy working on a project with a group. 
    Cmp (Competitive): Try my best to win in any game I play.
    Art (Articulate): Can say what I want to say without fumbling around for the right word. 
    Res (Responsibility): Am not afraid of responsibility.
    Frd (Friendly): Have never had any difficulty in making friends.
    Nsi (Negative self image): Have relatively little confidence in myself. 
    Blt (Blunt): Say things that irritate others.
    Hlp (Helpful): Do many things to help others.
    Con (Considerate): Am tolerant of those who disagree with me.
    Dep (Dependent): Am very dependent on others for solutions to my problems. 
    Shy (Shy): Am easily embarrassed in social situations.
    Vir (Virtuous): Have never been unkind to another person.

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